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Open source javascript libraries that have been utilized
in the development of this web application

‹ annyang › by Tal Ater
‹ UAParser › by Faisal Salman
‹ devicedetector › by Maarten Belmans
‹ howler › by James Simpson
‹ wavesurfer › by katspaugh

Sources of vector illustrations that have been
helpful for the creation of derivative artwork


Special thanks to the following freesound.org users
who provided their audio recordings to global public benefit

‹14Douderova_Adela› ‹Aiwha› ‹angelkunev› ‹Anton Woldhek› ‹BeeProductive› ‹Benboncan› ‹BenjaminNelan› ‹bruce965› ‹bwg2020› ‹cabled_mess› ‹cagancelik› ‹Caitlin_100› ‹crcavol› ‹csmag› ‹derjuli› ‹dersuperanton› ‹debsound› ‹digifishmusic› ‹dland› ‹Domar1979› ‹Emin Yıldırım› ‹eric5335› ‹FoolBoyMedia› ‹ftpalad› ‹FunWithSound› ‹Glaneur de sons› ‹Godowan› ‹hawabaz› ‹HighPeakEmma› ‹hinzebeat› ‹Huggy13ear› ‹huubjeroen› ‹Jonathan Shaw as InspectorJ› ‹Joao_Janz› ‹JFRecords› ‹Julien Nicolas› ‹junggle› ‹kangaroovindaloo› ‹klankbeeld› ‹KuoShu› ‹Leoctiurs› ‹Leszek_Szary› ‹Lightnessko› ‹LittleRainySeasons› ‹Matrixxx› ‹musita182› ‹NenadSimic› ‹Nox_Sound› ‹odditonic› ‹omgbong› ‹peridactyloptrix› ‹pinkinblue› ‹plasterbrain› ‹PrimeJunt› ‹promete› ‹Q.K.› ‹Razzvio› ‹Refrain› ‹reinsamba› ‹rhodesmas› ‹rivernile7› ‹RutgerMuller› ‹Sandermotions› ‹ScreamStudio› ‹Sethroph› ‹Slave2theLight› ‹soundscalpel.com› ‹SpiceProgram› ‹steinhyrningur› ‹Stevious42› ‹straget› ‹StrangeAcoustics› ‹Taira Komori› ‹Tetrisrocker› ‹THE_bizniss› ‹Timmeh515› ‹TinyJiro› ‹Traveler› ‹vonfleisch› ‹WeeJee_vdH› ‹xndrive›

If you have the skill and time to translate the user interface into your local language you can visit our organization page on GitHub and let us know.
You can also report bugs, mistakes, errors etc about the software.

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